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the team really dropped the ball on this one. why put this out there? if you're really trying to release him and don't want him keep you mouth shut and get a draft pick for him.. someone would gave up at least a third for him. god this team sometimes just doesn't get it

Most likely they want to send a message to him that this is his last year in Tampa unless he gets his **CENSORED** together.

right i understand but if they really feel like he's not part of our future then why throw all this negative stuff out there? keep it on house and talk to his ass like a man, if talking doesn't work then deal him for a pick its all I'm saying

Who says he came from the current Buc regime? Most likely it came from former Buc employees/staff.

the OP says that the team was close to releasing him in 2014 that tells me that it came from the staff who will be there in 2014

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