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devasher, many of the players pre-date Dominink as GM (and with Sears, it's quite likely that nobody knew he was bi-polar). Dom did take character into account during the drafts of his era. IRCC, the scout in charge of scouting Brian Price was fired by Dom, because he didn't adequately investigate him.  Also, PR reported previously that one reason they didn't draft LeGarrette Blount because they felt they could only handle one guy with big character flags at a time.

I included some of the Hickey's picks in part because he remained as scouting director until 2011. Dom did emphasis character in the form of "captains" but still drafted Freeman, Price, Mike Williams, traded for Winslow and signed Blount, Brizcoe, Haynesworth and Eric Wright. One could only imagine who Dominik would have taken if he "didn't" focus so much on character. You're obviously going to get guys with flags because there are so many positions to fill and only so much talent, but epic flame outs like Freeman, Wright and Price can be put to Dominik's feet as an example of the need for diligence when scouting and evaluating players.  Things that were not always evident while he was GM.

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