Post count: 9891 aside the ridiculous questions raised about Williams' commitment to football because he posts things on Instagram,

[edit: I see now it was a quote, sorry Mustard]The author included a lot of interesting info, and raised some really good questions, but this lead ^^ is not really fair, right? I mean its not that "he posts things on Instagram" . .  its everything else, right?  Its that his post on Instagram and twitter seem to reflect a life that has no focus on football and has a lot of focus on the $$$ he just made from the Bucs and those posts are consistent with what the former Bucs sources said. In other words, the story is "Williams may have cashed it in" not "Williams posts on Instagram"He was injured right after getting big money.  Hamstring injuries can be nothing more than unlucky injuries, but they can also be the result of fitness issues. Unfortunately, his hamstring injury comes after getting paid and during a bad season that included (as I recall) a false start or two from him) and not really that great of production when healthy, as I recall. In other words, there is fodder from the season for those who might be inclined to think he's lost focus. (Compare him to VJax who also got paid) His post-injuries tweets and Instagram posts are consistent with a partier (again, compare to VJax), but that is not the issue as much as we are discussing posts AFTER a big contract and as far as I know he did not have the same types (or maybe, volume) of post BEFORE the big contract. (again, compare him to VJax) I also don't believe he was an aspiring rapper or posting about being an aspiring rapper before his contract.  In sum, everyone might have the completely wrong impression of the guy, but he is the one who has created that impression and NOT just by posting things on Instagram. He chose to tweet that he was dropping $30K on dinner because he could, he chose to post about his rapping and partying, he chose NOT to post about his football efforts and rehab .. .  and he chose top tell everyone who took issue with it to go F themselves (essentially) earlier today

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