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His contract isn't bad. He got all his guaranteed money in the first year so he can be cut with no penalties or cap hit if he screws up, and his average salary makes him the 17th highest paid WR in the league. Seems like the perfect contract for a guy that shows amazing potential, has great production, but serious character concerns.

Yea, and I would take a 3rd for him.  A change of scenery might be good for him.  I wonder if the new regime has Bill Belicheat on speed dial on their phones still.

We could have gotten a 3rd rounder all day.....until Dummynik screwed up with this deal that is . Now no one will want to trade for him now unless we are giving him away.

His 2014 cap hit is peanuts so we are giving him away if we trade him.

They are on the hook for the rest of it though .If they are giving up a quality pick they want him for more than 1 season.

They'd have no issues being on the hook if he excels if not they cut him. It's little to no risk to them so a perfect trade. I'd be shocked if the Pat's didn't take him if we offered a trade or released him.

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