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you guys would trade half this team if it involves a "draft pick'" . lets see if this makes him now and gamble on an unproven rookie maybe two over a guy who had great production with an incompetent staff for basically his whole career. lets not kid ourselves.....this team hasnt had a real coach in five years. nor has it had a real scheme. we were being laughed at by other teams on both sides of the ball with probably the most talent on defense we have had in a long time. lets not trade one of our best players before we know all the facts. to me anyone who didnt fit gregs idea of a football player was not utilized here. too bad his idea was all work, no play and people didnt want to show up for work at all. lets see what its like with a real staff

The fact is he's a lifetime quitter who doesn't do anything that our #1 WR doesn't do.  Any offensive scheme we run would benefit more from a #2 WR with complementary skills (like route running and speed).  MW had value to other teams and trading him rather than extending him made the most sense for the future of the team.

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