Post count: 125 wanted to grab 1 true gem, and make fun of him, but the foolishness is abounds. My favorite so far is: "You ever see 30 grand go by in three hours ????? Watch me tonight!!!.... 5k tip now. >>> just cause I can! Don't believe me just watch" lmaoo

Shows he is financially irresponsible.  When his playing career is over I wonder if he will watch that same clip.On the flipside, didn't Mike Williams play with the injury until he tore the hamstring.  It was obvious watching him that he was hurt, but tried to continue to play.  He was already getting paid so if he was as he is being portrayed why not protect his interest (health) and make a business decision.  The timing of these leaks about players' lack of dedication is awful suspicious.  There are reports that the environment was not pleasant under Schiano, more specially players dreaded coming to work.  Could Mike Williams been one of those players?  It has been documented that Lovie Smith is a respected coach who players like to play for.  Heck Carl Nicks might miraculously return to 80-90% of his playing self.  Lovie temperament is totally different from Schiano.  He will get the best out of players like Mike Williams, Da'Quan Bowers and DeKoda Watson (if re-signed) just to name a few.   

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