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I think the likelihood of the Licht and Lovie taking Watkins at 7 has gone up quite a bit.I could most definitely see the Bucs moving Mike if Lovie can't get through to him.

Still don't want Watson at #7.....but if we can trade back and gain a 3rd, then maybe we use two of our top 100 picks on WRs. If we could get a 3rd for Mike Will....then that would help tremendously. This WR class is so good and so deep, this would definitely be the time to replace him if it's gonna happen. I love Mike and would hate to see him go, but If we managed to get Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry....then I think I'd get over it rather quickly.

I agree with ya there, to a degree, but I hear Tedford talk about "speed in space" etc. and all I can think is..."who do we have that can fill that requirement?"Watkins would most definitely fill that element up and then some.A side awesome will it be to (FINALLY) see our team be successful with screenplays?  LOL

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