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The problem isn't any of the things Winston has been involved in.  Its all of the things he has been involved in.  We all did dumb shlt when we were kids, but he is taking things to a whole new plateau.  One time- shlt happnes.  Second time- possible coincidence.  Third time and beyond is a pattern.I won't deny Winston's ability on the field.  He could very well develop into an elite QB.  The problem is that the NFL is gunning for any players that tarnish their brand.  He will not develop if he finds himself suspended or just sitting in the corner pouting with his arms crossed because someone actually scolded him for his actions.  Is it guaranteed to happen?  Not at all.  Do his past actions show a pattern that make it possible it does happen?  Yes.Character has always been a concern at the top of the draft.  Now moreso than ever.And before you go on about the whole FSU thing save your breath.  I really don't care what school he plays for.

How did Cam Newton get taken at the top of the draft three years ago then?  Winston doesn't pout (like Cam), he encourages and is positive the entire game.  It's why they have been able to come back time and time and time again.  His team mates love him and he's an off the charts leader.  He's a football player's football player.The off the field stuff is largely made up.  I dont care what school you root for, anyone can see this.

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