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bahaha wowthats a rumor started on the Bamaonline message board 4 days agoway to make up some "news" foxsportshes a hell of a player but to purposely put yourself in a 21 point hole and then come all the way back and win by 10. on the road, against a top 25 team?thats some serious tinfoil hat wearing stuff

It's the gambling website who is making the accusation based on a bet Winston's buddy placed that was like no bet he had placed previously . It's not just something a random conspiracy theorist decided to conjure up out of thin air . Just sayin...

its not impossible that it could happen but jesus man. its so improbable that its beyond beliefif he actually did it then everyone should want him even more as a player. if you could actually tank yourself like that and then lead a comeback and end up blowing up a good team like that you would be the GOATif im a Louisville player id be insulted by this allegation. it takes away from their defensive guys making some really good plays and getting after himof all the things hes been accused of, this is the least believable by a huge margin

I agree it's improbable . Just throwing it out there. If he actually did do it then it wouldn't matter who wants him more , his career would be over. The league would black ball and perma-ban a proven point shaver . So would the NCAA.

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