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Bama fans are a looney bunch

Having met a bunch of Bama fans when they came to State College in September 2011, I can safely assert this couldn't be further from the truth. I had no issues with any of their fans, seemed a good bunch. I'm sure their bunch is no different than any other pocket of crazy fans that each fan base has.

you probably were around the decent ones with money but they dont represent the fanbase as a wholeBama has an incredibly looney fanbase. you have your Harvey Updykes, Phyllis from Mulga on the Finebaum show, there was a Bama fan on Bama fan murder last year after the Iron Bowl because one person wasnt completely losing their mind over the loss and the other one said they didnt "care about Bama enough" and shot them. a Bama fan got arrested for sexual assault when they played LSU in the national title game a few years ago for serial teabagging LSU fans in the standsthere is a long litany of crazy stories involving Bama fans. they cant see reality when it comes to their team. come live in the south and particularly the Panhandle and you will understand how messed up their fans areread Bamaonline and you will see that the majority of them let Bama football run their lives

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