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ok he couldn't throw worth a lick, but he won in college didn't he? all the spread offense QBs can throw the rock am i right? putting up monster stats in college but once they reach the NFL they can't cut it…I'm not hating on Winston , just don't want a dumb ass like him leading our team. most  of the crap he's getting away now in college won't fly in the NFL especially nowadays.. id rather take my chances with guys like Cook,Hogan the Pettys of the world and not Winston

I'm not one of the FSU fans who are going to try and claim there aren't any serious questions around Winston, but he's not a spread offense QB.  Nonsense about him being a "winner" aside, he's a genuinely elite prospect, and there isn't much in the way of legit comparisons to be made between him and a guy like Tebow.  And not just in terms of how much Winston needs to grow up.  It's also in how he grades out from a pure football perspective.

exactly. the main issue he has as a prospect is his off-field antics and immature mistakes

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