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yet some of you want him here…what a joke

The only joke is passing on him because his vulgar mouth offends you and you dont like his college jersey.  Dont get all moral police on me, he flat out can play QB and if we dont draft him and we could have, he will beat us every single time we play him.

so wait a sec. you want your captain/leader/signal caller to come into a franchise thats in disarray as it is, with all that baggage? yea thank god you're not the team scout cuz we'd have have a team of low IQ players across the board..Winston thinks he can do whatever he wants and have no repercussions based on his actions..give me Mariota and move on with it

I want to win.  The only reason one wouldn't want him on their pro team is because they are too shortsighted to get past their hatred of him on a college level.  Meaning, he plays for a rival team of your team.  Otherwise you are just ignorant.  There is no other way to explain it.If he played for UF and did the things that he has done on the field for UF, I would be saying a prayer every night that the Bucs could get him. He wins football games and isn't nearly as bad a guy from a character standpoint as he's made out to be.

you talk as if you know for sure Winston is gonna come in here and turn the franchise around. the pro level as you may know is very and i mean very different then playing at the college level. there are better prospects in college now that win games and i don't see you showing them any love.. but since you brought up UF, i can think of a guy who championships  there in, drafted in the first round and he's out of the league. so its not a lock to draft guys that can chance an organization especially if they have baggage its all I'm saying.

the difference was the guy from UF couldnt throw the ball worth a damn and play from the pocket and everyone knew it. Josh McDaniels went full potato and took him in the 1st when he had no business being taken that high

ok he couldn't throw worth a lick, but he won in college didn't he? all the spread offense QBs can throw the rock am i right? putting up monster stats in college but once they reach the NFL they can't cut it…I'm not hating on Winston , just don't want a dumb ass like him leading our team. most  of the crap he's getting away now in college won't fly in the NFL especially nowadays.. id rather take my chances with guys like Cook,Hogan the Pettys of the world and not Winston

Then you will be kicking yourself as Winston beats everyone. Dont give me your moral high horse, you want wins just like everyone on here.

So your fine with ANY player you can bring wins right? where do you and the rest of your FSU fanboys draw the line? Seriously… Jameis can play on the field but that dude is a special kind of loser off the field. If we draft him I won’t hate on him but I do see how I can root for that guy the way he is now. He’s a disgrace.

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