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So your fine with ANY player you can bring wins right? where do you and the rest of your FSU fanboys draw the line? Seriously... Jameis can play on the field but that dude is a special kind of loser off the field. If we draft him I won't hate on him but I do see how I can root for that guy the way he is now. He's a disgrace.

Ray Lewis killed someone early in his career and you gave him a pass.  How could you not do the same for Jameis whose worst crime is yelling p*ssy in a crowded theater house.  You need to get over yourself.  Jameis is not a bad guy and I think you know this.

I did?

So, as a Miami fan, you have not been a fan of Ray Lewis since he left the program??

I don't have to like him just because he went to Miami. You still a Adrian McPhearson fan?

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