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This is just yet another red flag in a LONG line of red flags for Winston. And for all of you saying "he just wins" and you don't care about did that work out for Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Hardy, et al.? This is a different league now where idiots are finally punished for being idiots. If you think Winston will grow up and change his ways, you are probably an FSU homer. The team that drafts him has to be prepared for him to get suspended - early and often.

When you say red flags do you mean lies? So far, swearing in public is his worst crime.  Dont eat the cheese my man.

Wow...full blown denial. Either you're related to Winston or want to date him. Either way, it's clear you have zero credibility over this guy since you are so blindly in love with him. I am so glad you are not drafting for the Bucs.

Look.  Your hatred for him stems from something other than his off the field issues.  That much is clear.  It's cool that we can root for the same pro team yet you choose to insult me instead of looking at a prospect with a little objectivity.  If that is your approach than so be it.  GM's are going to interview him and they are going to like what they hear from him.  He's very vocal, a great team mate, a rare leader and a great football player.  If you think for one second that he won't be the first player taken then you haven't been watching football very long of dont understand the importance of what Jameis brings to a team right away.

So much going on here I hardly know where to begin. First, stop this false indignation about me insulting you. Every post you've had on this thread you are insulting someone who doesn't like Winston. So, stop that noise.Second, I don't hate Winston. I don't even know him. What I do know is that there is a laundry list of problems he's had that prove he does not make good decisions. I could care less about his play on the field. If he's suspended or gets arrested, he's no good to our team.Third, if YOU think he's the first pick, you don't understand football. At least not the pro level. Pro teams have so much invested in the first pick that they will all be gun shy about drafting him. Top 10? Maybe, but not the first. If I'm wrong, I'll eat crow. But that is not going to happen.Finally, you use the word "objectivity" when clearly you have no idea what that word means. Everyone else on this thread can see you are so far away from impartial about Winston you can't even see "objective."

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