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This is just yet another red flag in a LONG line of red flags for Winston. And for all of you saying "he just wins" and you don't care about did that work out for Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Hardy, et al.? This is a different league now where idiots are finally punished for being idiots. If you think Winston will grow up and change his ways, you are probably an FSU homer. The team that drafts him has to be prepared for him to get suspended - early and often.

When you say red flags do you mean lies? So far, swearing in public is his worst crime.  Dont eat the cheese my man.

Wow...full blown denial. Either you're related to Winston or want to date him. Either way, it's clear you have zero credibility over this guy since you are so blindly in love with him. I am so glad you are not drafting for the Bucs.

Look.  Your hatred for him stems from something other than his off the field issues.  That much is clear.  It's cool that we can root for the same pro team yet you choose to insult me instead of looking at a prospect with a little objectivity.  If that is your approach than so be it.  GM's are going to interview him and they are going to like what they hear from him.  He's very vocal, a great team mate, a rare leader and a great football player.  If you think for one second that he won't be the first player taken then you haven't been watching football very long of dont understand the importance of what Jameis brings to a team right away.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means.The problem isn't any of the things Winston has been involved in.  Its all of the things he has been involved in.  We all did dumb shlt when we were kids, but he is taking things to a whole new plateau.  One time- shlt happnes.  Second time- possible coincidence.  Third time and beyond is a pattern.I won't deny Winston's ability on the field.  He could very well develop into an elite QB.  The problem is that the NFL is gunning for any players that tarnish their brand.  He will not develop if he finds himself suspended or just sitting in the corner pouting with his arms crossed because someone actually scolded him for his actions.  Is it guaranteed to happen?  Not at all.  Do his past actions show a pattern that make it possible it does happen?  Yes.Character has always been a concern at the top of the draft.  Now moreso than ever.And before you go on about the whole FSU thing save your breath.  I really don't care what school he plays for.

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