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"Former Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said he liked to “marry” a team need with the best player available in deciding whom to select in the first round of the draft. But Hickey said he believes in strictly taking the best player available and will rank players 1 through 500 before the draft. He already has done considerable work putting together a draft board because he was involved with that in Tampa Bay"Gotta say I am not a fan of this. There are guys who don't want, guys that don't fit what you do. You also assume, wrongly, that you can sorta between the 16th and 17th best player if you talk strictly about BPA. The whole approach is flawed and no one would shop for anything this way let alone make hiring decisions like this.

I was listening to Licht on with Rich and Booger. He said he's a BPA guy, but of course that's through a system-specific lens, which shrinks the board.  He said that it's hard to make needs the focus, but needs always change between May and September.

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