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No , actually Romo has been constantly banged up because of it , and also labeled a "choker" , because he fails in the big games against good teams - and it was mostly due to pressure and lack of running game in those big games . This year has been different SPECIFICALLY because they are finally winning up front.I can't believe you are buying into the idiotic FRG philosophy of of " QB does it by himself " . Don't buy in . Football is won in the trenches.

Football games are won in the trenches, but good QBs are good QBs because they're good QBs and bad QBs are bad QBs because they're bad QBs. Dallas may be winning more right now, but Romo has been a good QB the entire time. Passer rating2014: #52013: #82012: #102011: #42010: injured2009: #82008: #82007: #52006: #5Romo has been a consistently excellent player all along.

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