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Kinda sad to spend top shelf money on a guy like Collins only to be hoping for a top flight LT in next years draft after week 6.....

Last time we saw a top 20 LT actually being worthy of a top 20 pick was back in the '11 draft with Tyron Smith and Nate Soldier. I'm not so sure we should be grabbing an LT with a top 3 pick. I'd rather wait til round 2 if we're going OT.Look at the last 7 OTs taken in the top 15.Matt Kalil had a decent rookie year, but has been awful every since.Fisher and Joeckel have been awful.Lane Johnson is an average RT.DJ Fluker has been a below average RT.Greg Robinson is just barely seeing the field this last a Guard.Matthews has been below average for Atlanta.Taylor Lewan just saw his first action due to the LT for the Titans being injured.LTs aren't as safe of picks as they are pimped to be.

I'm not sure Lane Johnson has been average. He missed the first four games this season but the quality of line play from the Eagles has improved pretty significantly since he returned. But the real question is, were all these teams 100% sold on these guys before they drafted them because if they weren't then they made a real mistake in even trusting the draft system at all.

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