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And they traded him for a shiny new college QB who ended up being pretty useless for the Bucs, They didn't let him develop and went with the next thing that looked sexy. Which strangely enough is exactly what we are seeing again now from members of this forum.

Except that Mike Glennon is now in his 2nd season and hasn't shown any promise that he's a franchise QB so far. He's shown himself to be merely fine, not elite. And if we are picking #1 or #2 in the draft again, shouldn't that reflect on his ability to be the guy? The points being made about the Steelers and Cowboys having good QBs and missing the playoffs are misguided and misplaced in this thread. Being a playoff team is different from having a franchise QB. If the Colts somehow missed the playoffs this year, would you realistically say that Andrew Luck isn't a franchise QB? No, being a playoff team requires not only good quarterback play but good everything else or at least complimentary pieces to a winning formula. Even if the Bucs took Mariota, I don't think any realistic fan on here is going to proclaim us a possible playoff team. We have other holes that need to be filled but getting a franchise QB should be one of our highest priorities since we don't have one right now.

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