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I really want to understand the theory operating from the “our defense sucks so let’s not draft a QB” types. Do you think that if you are say HOU with a good defense, good line, good run game and Ryan Fitzpatrick (.1 lower passer rating Glennon) you are really going anywhere? They aren’t bad news.Cardinals were 5-11 in 2012 and added Carson Palmer who isn't a world beater at QB and jumped to 10-6. Colts went 2-14 and then miracle or miracles added a QB and went 11-5.  Chiefs 2-14 with more pro bowlers than any other team solid all over except QB and then added a competent, again not world beater, QB and jumped to 11-5. PIT was 6-10 with a mediocre Maddox and then added Roth to go 15-1. QB's can change things, a lot of things nothing else will change anything until that gets better. It doesn't take a guy playing at the top of his game just not a guy in the bottom third of the league. If Glennon doesn't get better over the next 10 games, we could add the next JJ Watt and Orlando Pace this offseason and we'd still be a 6 win team.

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