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Holy Fack...there are soo many other problems than QB...

Yeah but a good QB can cover up so many problems. A good QB makes your O-line and WRs better. He makes your running game better. You start there. You HAVE to have a QB to win in the NFL today.

IF hes an established QB. no rookie QB is going to scare defenses into respecting him. they will press him and force him to beat them with his arm and pressure the crap out of himsure if you put Aaron Rodgers in our backfield then other teams will back off and respect the pass more because they know what he can do

not only what FRG said but whoever we draft in the first round probably isn’t going to singlehandedly make this a good team in 2015.  Some of you act like we are only going to have 1 pick in the next draft.  If we can get a QB that the organization thinks can be a franchise QB then you do it.  If we can’t then you look at BPA at some of those other positions in the first.  Pretty simple. 

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