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Holy Fack...there are soo many other problems than QB...

Yeah but a good QB can cover up so many problems. A good QB makes your O-line and WRs better. He makes your running game better. You start there. You HAVE to have a QB to win in the NFL today.

IF hes an established QB. no rookie QB is going to scare defenses into respecting him. they will press him and force him to beat them with his arm and pressure the crap out of himsure if you put Aaron Rodgers in our backfield then other teams will back off and respect the pass more because they know what he can do

Rookie QBs are successful on bad teams all the time now. Andrew Luck got drafted by a 2-14 team, Robert Griffin III a 5-11 team, Cam Newton a 2-14 team, Matthew Stafford a 0-16 team, Matt Ryan a 3-13 team, and so on. There's nothing so dismal about the Bucs that says they would screw a QB up any more than what these teams had going. Every QB that gets drafted in the top 5 is going to a bad team. That's why those teams had top 5 picks.

Mariotta is not an Andrew Luck type talent. you can also make an argument that our team is worse than all of the ones you listed by a wide wargin

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