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I think our first priority is to build an elite offensive line.  Not only will that enhance every other aspect of the team (even giving the defense a rest through ball control), but their careers tend to last a long time.

There's no first, second, or third steps in building a great team. You need great players at every position and you need to acquire those great players whenever you have the opportunity. When you try and get fancy and do things in a certain order is when you screw up and miss out.

Yeah, we'll have to agree to disagree there.  Obviously in an ideal world we'd draft a bunch of great players every year, but it's obvious that even when you have a premier front office you're going to miss on some picks, others will suffer career-ending injuries, etc.  That's why you have to have some kind of priority instead of blinding taking best available athlete.  I'm certainly not advocating that we ignore the all-world DT who inexplicably fell to us so we can draft the fourth-best guard in the draft, but not all positions are equally important; some have longer careers, some are harder to scout, some are easier to pick up in free agency, and some you can't get the most out of unless you have other positions squared away.  Blowing a high pick on an elite WR when we don't have the infrastructure to utilize him properly is a waste of a pick, IMHO. 

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