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I don't have to prove all the bad QBs were secretly good QBs who got ruined by bad teammates. That's your position. Good luck. I'll take Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning and you can have David Carr, JaMarcus Russell, and Joey Harrington.

Sure you need to prove it , otherwise your suggestion that " good QB's don't bust " is an outright lie. You argument is based on a fairy tale - We all live happily ever after. Well we don't.Are you really going to sit here and make the claim that a good QB never busted ?? That's idiotic , frankly. There are many good QB's who - due to poor coaching , bad talentless teams , injuries , etc. - have been labeled busts . Most never get another real chance . Some do but their confidence is ruined forever. Some like a Steve Young and an Alex Smith actually get it all turned around and become the good QB's they were supposed to be .Stop thinking like a simpleton . You make the dumbest arguments sometimes , like your, " We Should Have Built The Entire Offense Around Zuttah " argument. If you don't want to be called a dimwit then stop acting like one . A QB is not a one man team , and it's not even debatable.

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