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If we have the first pick the the draft that means we go 1-15 or 2-14.  Would you still think Glennon was the future?

There would be no way he could be considered the future. But if we are picking first, we have to fire Lovie Smith, get a new coach and draft a QB #1.

Right, because a second year QB is definitely going to make up the difference for the leagues worst offensive line and defense, and one of the worst running games. This is what I'm talking about with unrealistic expectations. You really seem to have no idea that what you're asking for doesn't exist and has never existed. If our defense starts to play much better, our offensive line starts to play at a respectable level, and our running game gets going, and we're still losing games...then what you said will make sense. As it stands right now, there's literally nothing Glennon can do. You aren't going to win many, if any, games while having the last ranked defense, no O-line, and no running game. This is just common sense that every coach in the NFL would agree with.

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