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If we pick #1 its going to be a QB, they can't take anything else that high and sell it to the fans.

Exactly. The Glazers need to tickets and some hope to the fanbase. DL or OL isn't doing that.

Which is why you don't make moves based on what you think the fans want. Winning will sell tickets long term, drafting a "name" player might be a short term solution, but if it turns into another Freeman situation (which is likely especially if you ignore the lines) it will backfire big time.

Winning sells tickets, that's absolutely true. But just because a QB might bust is hardly justification to not draft one. Every player might bust. We could draft a DE who gets 15 career sacks, we could draft the next Robert Gallery or Tony Mandarich. If we go 1-15/2-14, I don't think Lovie is back next season and if he isn't, why wouldn't we draft a QB to pair with our new coach?

Missing on any position sucks, but nothing sets a franchise back as much as missing on a QB. It's the biggest gamble a franchise can take. As others have said, unless they are 100 percent sold on a guy, you don't take him, especially if you have a promising young QB already on the roster that doesn't have much around him to work with.

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