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...and the Jags are 0-6 right now ....So much for "QB is all that matters"...

shhhhhdont go spreading that around. everyone thinks we're just a QB away despite the evidence to the contrary

link?I'm having a hard time remembering anyone saying that we are just a QB away. However, there have been those saying we need a QB, among other things.

There have been quite a few people in this thread saying that taking a QB will make us so much better over all other things.we might need a qb, we might not. i dont know how anyone here can properly judge Glennon considering how poor his supporting cast on both sides of the ball is. he might not be the answer but nobody can say for certain at this point. assessing a QB on a horrendous team is very had to dothe things i know for certain are that we absolutely need OL help, DL help, a FS, and LB help. those 4 positions are completely responsible for how poor this team is and we wont be able to form any good assessments of Glennon until we get better play in those areasi cant say QB is dragging us down because so many other things affect the QB positionwe need a defense that will stop losing games for us (New Orleans) a line that can protect the QB long enough to see if he can actually throw the ball (Baltimore game)

Yep . We lose because we are always dominated at both lines of scrimmage. That is the core issue with this team . Has been for a decade now.I understand the longing . Who wouldn't love an Andrew Luck ?? It would make Sundays exciting . But football at the end of the day is won in the trenches . Make no mistake.

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