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...and the Jags are 0-6 right now ....So much for "QB is all that matters"...

shhhhhdont go spreading that around. everyone thinks we're just a QB away despite the evidence to the contrary

It's just the opposite. All you two and Escobar are doing is making the other side seem more extreme so you can argue it easier. However, that's not the case at all, no rational fan thinks this team is a QB away from being a playoff team, just like no Jacksonville fan thought they were a QB away from being  a playoff team.

So in that case why does it matter in which order we fill our needs ?You can't get the stud OT and DE's unless you pick at the top of the draft either ? So why not take one ?Ask yourself this . Are we closer to being a playoff team if we put some stud lineman in front of Glennon , or are we closer  by tossing a rookie into our current dumpster fire with zero running game and zero protection ?

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