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If we have the first pick and they don't take a QB... catch me at the skyway. They would officially make me insane.

even if we traded back and got something like the Rams got for RGIII? 3 total #1s and a couple #2s?id definately be tempted

not even. The Rams been stacking picks for years and won one game so far this year.Im tired of waiting for the perfect QB prospect. At number one, pick the best one and then at least you have some hope... right now we have none.

I think a lot should have to do with how the team's scouting department feels about Mariota.  I mean, if they feel he's the real deal - take him, no questions or hesitations.  If they don't and can get someone to make a big trade for him, better that than trying to force something.  Because the obvious counterpoint to the RGIII trade not translating into an immense amount of success for the Rams is that since his injury his rookie year, the Redskins haven't exactly torn things up either.  The "lots of picks" strategy has the virtue of increasing the odds of hitting on a player through sheer, dumb luck at least.

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