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Those is so highly unlikely that none of them are good. It is likely only 2 of the 5 are good and your job as an NFL type is to pick one of those 2 but for everyone to be wrong about all 5 is highly unlikely. I get being nervous about QBs.  There is a side of me that likes Connor Cook over Winston or Maritotta but at the same time none of them are gonna be perfect coming out. You are always projecting development because the Luck type guys happen once every 20 years.

I don't want Winston at all, period.  The guy belongs in jail and will end up there soon.  I'm not dealing with that.  If the other guys come out this year, I think they're doing themselves a disservice.  I think they're all best served if they go back to school.  I don't need a Andrew Luck to come out, but I'd be happy with a Ryan, Stafford, or Roethlisberger.  Neither of those two were even in Luck's atmosphere.  I just don't think the guys that are eligible this year are even on Ryan's or Roethlisberger's level.  Neither of them were #1 picks and none of these guys are worth it either.You say that 2 of the 5 should pan out.  Why?  What have you seen from the last 10 years that tells you that?  Since 2004, there have been 31 QB's taken in the first round.  Of them,  12 are still starting (13 if you count Griffin)... Aaron RodgersAlex SmithAndrew LuckBen RoethlisbergerCam NewtonEli ManningJay CutlerJoe FlaccoMatt RyanMatthew StaffordPhilip RiversRyan TannehillOf this group, 2 are on their 2nd team (Cutler and Smith), and guys like Tannehill and Flacco aren't really all that good either.  Of this group, you're looking at 5 out of 31 were worthy of a top 5 pick... that's more like 16%, not 40%.  NOW, if you're talking about trading down to like 10 to 15 and taking one of those guys, then ok, I'll go with that, but not top 3 and certainly not #1 overall.

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