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I love Mariota , but drafting him when Lovie is coach and Arroyo OC would be the biggest waste of time ever.I for one am sick of getting dominated on both lines of scrimmage every year.It's the REAL reason we continue to lose.  It's time to fix that.

we are in complete agreement here. why pick a guy who will fail under this staffbestfranz.gif

You always were a smart dude when it came to the draft .

I don't care what most of the people around here say, if we drafted all DL and OL in April I wouldn't mind one bit. as long as we choose the right players and don't whiff epically like we have for the last 6 years or so we will drastically improve the teamfootball is won in the trenches. plain and simple. its that way in high school, college, and the NFL. you can have the greatest QB ever but if hes getting mauled constantly in under 3 seconds he wont do a damn thing for you.

Amen.We can't band-aid the line of scrimmage any longer with these hodge-podge free agents who never live up to the hype . We need to invest drafts towards it.That is what will turn this franchise around. When we can win battles up front instead of getting pushed around every week .

and we need to stop taking late round fliers like Pamphile and Edwards and acting like that might work. we need to spend 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks on talented guys who can come in and start day 1. not late round project players who may or may not even make the teamI hate to say it but the Cowboys did it right. they had 3 boring ass drafts and everyone laughed at them for picking OL in the 1st year after year but its working out for them and now they can keep Romo on his feet and they run the ball extremely well

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