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Amari Cooper than OG in the second

As much as i'd love Cooper, he doesn't fill one of the gaping holes we have on this team.

You don't fill holes in the draft.  You build around the special players you take.  I think our protection problems are as much coaches as players.  But we'll have plenty of room to blow it up and start over in free agency again.  EDS has no guaranteed money after this season.  He's 3.75 if you want to flat dump him.  Collins has 3 mil next season.  6 is the total figure.  You can basically keep him as a swing tackle for 3 mil extra.  Go get another vet there, and at guard.  You can still go after several splash players or a roster's worth of mid level guys.  We will be well under and then dumping some big contracts on top. 

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