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I have my own list of things the committee needs to get sorted out. This stuff seems like people trying to make their mark on the game, and less about the game itself.1) reverse the decision to penalize rbs for lowering head.2) reverse the decision to allow for players to have shots at their legs (forget batter-box rules).3) allow for ten second or less celebrations, for everyone, and only on tds (GB does this every game, and it's confusing as to what is considered showboating for one, and not another). A clock stops the bias.4) define a catch, and make it permanent and immovable  by the committee once done.5) create and establish an In-house, but privately paid group, to spy on teams for cheating (during games).6) fine refs harshly for their incompetence, bias, or blindness. Pay them much more as well.7) cut back on tv-timeouts. Idk how much of this they control, but it would be nice not to have to sit through commercials every other down.8) get balanced with the player fines. One fine has to be the same for the others.9) IF caught cheating, with valid evidence, the players or coaches who are involved, should be suspended through the year.10) again, idk how much they control about this, but they should eliminate blackout rules entirely. I honestly have no clue if they can work on all of these issues, but i would like to see some of it revised or changed. What they are currently changing seems silly to me.