Re: Re: Would you be in favor of any of these league changes?


His infatuation is legendary for certain AJ.

Sherm isn't wrong. I have literally watched players just unintentionally fall over onto another player after a whistle to get a flag throw at them. I believe it was Raji, from GB?Point is, those guys are trained to hurt mo-fos. Then, they are asked to play pattycake and simmer down on gameday. Thats like asking a boxer to slap instead of punch when the bell rings.Simply put, many of them really are fighting natural instinct and have been doing so fairly successfully. As the encroachment of the "wimp" rules continue, people will start to wonder off to more violent venues, and the players themselves will start to wonder if it is indeed a man's game, let alone a violent one.Sherm is already wondering, and, from all accounts, seems like he flat out knows goodell is happier handling lawyer-balls than perfecting the actual game.

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