Re: Re: Would you be in favor of any of these league changes?


Competition committee proposing disqualification of a player penalized twice in one game for unsportsmanlike conduct. Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter  Mar 17Competition committee proposing to permanently move extra-point attempts to defensive team's 15-yard line, and allow defense to return miss. Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter  Mar 17Competition Committee proposing that all chop blocks be made illegal. Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter  Mar 17Baltimore proposing that each team be provided with three challenges while expanding reviewable plays. Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter  Mar 17Washington proposing the elimination of overtime in preseason games (like that).

No to disqualification. No opinion on kicks. I love chop blocks. They should be encouraged, along with reinstating head slaps. (Yeah, I'm old, but the game us meant to be physical. )Yes to expansion of replays. Yes to elimination of preseason overtime. (Personally, I would go a step further and just eliminate preseason, or at least cut it to one home game and one away game. )I'm also in favor of killing the first game of the season going to the team that wins the Super Bowl. I can't tell you the last time I've actually watched the first game of the season. (Probably the year after Baltimore won.)

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