Re: Re: Would you be in favor of any of these league changes?


Half the preseason, allow more practices/scrimmages for coaches to make decisions on the final roster.Add in a 17th game per team at a site that's not got a team, this would stop teams losing home games for places like London/Mexico and allow the league to put on annual games in places like San Antonio, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Portland, etc.Full time refs, that are held accountable for their constant mistakes.Everything is reviewable and 1 extra challenge per half. Nothing is worse than having a big play/TD wiped out on a BS call by the officials.Make the review team completely separate to the officials and they rule on challenges, I have an issue with the officials who messed up a call being the ones expected to correct it instead of looking for a way to justify the call & claim they don't make mistakes. "Have a 4 team minor league where " the top street FAs" are paid a league minimum salary. So when a team needs to pick up a guy off the street they should in theory be in game shape and they can also develop.I hate the idea of an automatic ejection for 2 personal fouls because sometimes they are just BS calls but I could get on board with a player being benched for the rest of a drive (or a set number of plays) if they commit one.More enforcement of the sideline/playing field boundaries, it's time for coaches to understand that they should be behind the white sidelines not on stand on them or in the field of play. You should never see a coach near enough to be tripping an active player/pulling their hair or throwing tantrums 15 yards onto the field.Allow celebrations, the other team doesn't like it tough. You know the best way to stop them taunting, stop them making big plays and/or scoring.

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