Re: Re: Would you trade #1 overall to the Eagles for three 1st rounders?


If we could arrange before the draft to take Cutler and the Bears #1 pick (7th overall), then yes. I'd trade out of the 1st pick for 3 1st round picks of the Eagles. I'd then try and package the Bears 1st round pick and the Eagle's 1st round pick and trade back up to the 2nd pick and get Winston.The only thing with this is that the trade would almost have to be agreed upon before the draft because you can't trade out of that slot and not come away with a QB and Cutler isn't the QB of the future for us. We'd get him and eat his salary and in a couple years, we need to have a young QB ready to go.You'd basically have to tentatively agree to the trade with the Eagles and the Bears...then negotiate with the Titans and if all agree...then make the trades. This way you come away with your QB of the future and 2 extra first round picks in the following 2 years.

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