Re: Re: Would you trade #1 overall to the Eagles for three 1st rounders?


If you go by the trade value chart, the Eagles would owe us over 2200 points to get our #1 pick for their #21 pick.So in other words, that equates to their entire 2015 draft and their entire 2016 draft. Assuming no players are involved. So its hard to imagine Lurie signing off on that deal. Although I think Mariota would be great in that system.

Would never happen but if the Eagles and Chip Kelly felt that Mariota was worth that, I'm running to the podium to draft him myself.

And I should of added, that is assuming the Eagles draft #21 next May. And #21 the following May. If they were better, then the price would be even higher.  All of their 2015 draft, all of their 2016 draft, and a few picks from their 2017 draft.

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