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The mob mentality is strong with this group.  Its bad enough to see a bunch of kids line up to prove how cool they are by taking their turn to pick on somebody, but it is just sad when adults do it.  Also looking at the screen names, sig pics, and memes I see floated around here most of you have no grounds to call anybody an attention whore.  If you took the time to read his posts you would see he put a lot of thought into them.  He has as much right as anybody else to spout his opinions on a message board.Making fun of him for giving MD a nickname doesn't really work either after the 10,001 nicknames Schiano got on this board.  Many of you have no right whatsoever to criticize someone's grammar- just sayin'.  I'm sure you're all gonna line up now to take shots at me and that's fine.  If it makes you feel somehow significant go right ahead.  Consider it a gift.

This thread isn't about having an opinion, its about a grand announcement when he simply could have just "faded into bolivian"(thanks, Mike Tyson)

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