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Yo man. I cant take it no more. The prejudiced for Marky Marky Dominick continues from Beam Me Up Scotty Reynolds well after the man was fired and considered one of the worst GM’s in NFL history. I be hoping your friendship with Dom be worth it cuz I am outta here dawg. I love the board but the PR has lost all credibility in my book. I been pleading with them all to stop with the nonsense but it continues in the Fab 5. I cant take anything written on this website seriously after gaffes and blatant prejudice like;Ronde Barber is coming back, just to have him retireMarky Mark and Josh Freeman deserve contract extensions. Yo, what a disaster this would have been and it was motivated by nothing on the football field, just bias and friendships.Donald Penn weight reporting gaffe. Turns out dude wasn't worth what we were paying him no matta if he were skinny of fat.Carrying the pitchforks for Greg Schiano's head just to reverse course. But there was no undoing the damage of what you all wrote. Yeah, Schiano deserved to be fired but what you were all writing was irresponsible and reckless. Writing nothing critical of Marky Mark Dominick, and going out of your way to actually defend some of his worst moves. After he was fired, Reynolds wrote how people should take it easy on Dom cuz assistant coaches were to blame for his bad signings, not him. What a joke.The new uniform rant reminded me of the Schiano crap PR wrote/pulled last season. And just like Schiano, you reversed course. But you cant take back what you wrote man. How about putting more though in to what you all write before you go on your rants man. And suggesting the new uniforms were so bad that they would keep free agents from signing was a little off the mark, wouldn't you say? And then finally we get more of the same about defending Dom on the Revis trade. No matter how you spin it or cut it, it is one of the worst trades in NFL history, and Dom has his prints all over it. The deal was so bad the Bucs couldn't justify living with it and they couldn't even trade that contract. Dom was 28-52 as our GM. The Bucs are in the bottom 5 teams in the NFL during his GM time with us. We have holes at QB, WR, O-line, pass rush, TE, to name a few, and hardly any depth whatsoever because of this man's poor draft track record. PR, it's one thing if you don't want to write anything critical of your buddy, but it's another when you continue to go out of your way to defend an undefendable record and track record by Dom. Yo man, I threatened to stop supporting our team if the Bucs didn't fire Dom at the end of the year. They did, thank The Almighty, despite PR's recommendation to give he and Freeman extensions earlier. I threatened to leave here if the Dom and other irresponsible stuff didn't stop, and it hasn't. I be a man of my word dawg. I'll miss my fellow posters but I cant stomach the garbage PR be reporting no more. To my fellow posters and Buc fan - thanks for keeping it real. Peace. One love!

Two Cents, perhaps overpriced versionMark and Scott are wrong a lot. Hell, the point-counterpoint article almost guarantees someone is going to be wrong. I view this profession (journalism) as something that isn't much of a finite science. A lot of is going to be written about is going to be speculation. And much speculation can lead to dead ends. Maybe Scott thinks we should have kept Marky Mark, and I don't agree. Licht could turn out to be a terrible general manager (I don't think he will, but I'm open to the idea), even worse than Mark. I used to hate to read Charlie columns, guy was negative as all hell. But he put some great work in. I don't care who this team's general manager is, I'm going to root for them. If the team appoints someone I loathe, I'm going to try my best to support them, just try to keep an open mind on things I guess. At the end of the day, I just want to see my team win some games and if they don't, there is always next season. I don't think Scott can really write too much more moving forward on Mark, because he's not a member of the organization anymore. There are going to be comparisons between Licht and Dominik, just as there were with Dominik and Allen. A lot of people disagree with the columns around here and choose not to subscribe, but stick around and post on the forums. Half the time, it's PR posters and twitter feeds that break the smoke before fire reports anyway. TLDR versionGood Luck to you on your future endeavorsSincerely,3SK

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