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This calls for GIZOOGLE! mutha**CENSORED**as, check it up son! We signin all dem free agents, man! They're gonna brang our asses a **CENSORED**load of wins, I know dat shiznit son! This footbizzle club is on track again, n' I be thinkin Head Coach Lovie Smizzle n' his right hand playa Jiz'o Licht is buildin suttin' special up in Tampa! No mo' Mike Williams parties, no mo' penalties mutha**CENSORED**a! We goin ta win a cold-ass lil championshizzle like MEN! It aint nuthin but a freshly smoked up day, n' tha futurez bright son! I dunno why dat mutha**CENSORED**a wit tha Tupac name wanted ta leave yo, but thatz crazy dawwwwg! Yo ass can't quit on tha crew, even when thangs look bad hommie! I be never leavin tha hood, n' thatz tha real deal! As Dogg as mah witness, I'ma be here when we win tha Superbowl or mah name aint Beatles mutha**CENSORED**a!

that was turrrrible!!

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