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Yo man. I cant take it no more....I be hoping ...cuz I am outta here dawg....And suggesting the new uniforms were so bad that they would keep free agents from signing was a little off the mark, wouldn't you say? And then finally we get more of the same about defending Dom on the Revis trade. No matter how you spin it or cut it, it is one of the worst trades in NFL history, and Dom has his prints all over it. The deal was so bad the Bucs couldn't justify living with it and they couldn't even trade that contract. Dom was 28-52 as our GM. The Bucs are in the bottom 5 teams in the NFL during his GM time with us. We have holes at QB, WR, O-line, pass rush, TE, to name a few, and hardly any depth whatsoever because of this man's poor draft track record. ...Yo man...I be a man of my word dawg...I cant stomach the garbage more. - thanks for keeping it real. Peace. One love!

Anyone else notice he lost his "ghetto" accent in the middle of his rant, then picked it back up?  Lol at "keeping it real"

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