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    • TheChronicHotAir

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      David Bakhtiari done for the year.
      So sad.

    • TBChucky

      Post count: 1431

      Potentially huge loss for them. Wonder how their backup looks..

    • Richie Cartman

      Post count: 147

      He got hurt during the Bucs/Packers game earlier this year and had to leave the game. We all know how that turned out.

    • m_j

      Post count: 543

      trade donovan smith for first :-)


      Post count: 2705

      Huge. Their 3rd best player.

      At least they get 2 weeks to break in the new LT.

      That bye is huge for them.

      I have rodgers in my fantasy finals too ugh.

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1811

      Don’t feel bad for them, those are the breaks. We miss Vea, happens to all teams.

    • theknees

      Post count: 975

      If anyone has their fantasy finals in week 17, their league needs some correction.

    • Nobody

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      People need to understand that their OT backup is an 8 year vet, with 6 years starting in Baltimore and Detroit, who was fantastic in almost 600 snaps this year.

      Rick Wagner is a better player than Donovan Smith. His professional resume is flat better than Smith’s…and not by a little.

      The drop-off here isn’t like Marpet going down.

      • buc-in-out

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        Wagner is their starting RT, are they moving him to LT?

    • Culo Con Dientes

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      trade donovan smith for first :-)

      And before this catches fire he is just joking, people.

    • Nobody

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      <p>Wagner is their starting RT, are they moving him to LT? </p>

      <p>Its either Wagner or Turner. Both good players, both with enough LT experience to get it done.

      I was anticipating:

      LT Wagner
      LG Jenkins
      C Linsley
      RG Patrick
      RT Turner

Viewing 9 reply threads
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