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      Ol Daniel Kilgore, wr Demarcus Robinson. Contact tracing.

      Uh oh.

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      And two of their other O-Line starters are out with injuries. Bowles would be wise to pressure Mahomes relentlessly and put a spy on him in Devin White.

      • Vance

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        I was about to post this about two of their starting OL being out. The NFL can’t pull strings to get these guys to play either. I think it started last Saturday. They are on close contact list. So they will play.

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    • Sam Ram 33

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      Demarcus Robinson is an okay player. Kilgore is a scrub who isn’t going to fill in at tackle. Neither would decide the game either way. Unless it’s Mahomes, Kelce, Hill, Wylie, Reiter, Clark, Jones, Mathieu, Sorensen, Butker than nothing really to get too excited about.

      Lets just hope for a trade of no significant player from either side ending up on this list…. Unless maybe Brady for Mahomes… I think I could take my chances fo Gabbert vs Chad Henne haha

    • m_j

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      but have you heard their “story“ with hairdresser getting his result while doing their hairs on the facility? :-)
      hard to believe that :-) :-)

      whatever, we want to beat their best team anyway!

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