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    • BuccaneerBlood

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      Defense stay disciplined and don’t allow deep tosses. I truly believe our defense has the talent to defend the Chiefs. Tom Brady and Offense play keep away. Bucs win.

    • BucsFan83

      Post count: 296

      I like simplifying it to one thing, score more points then them ;o

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

      Post count: 3146

      Stinnie needs to hold up against Chris Jones and our D needs to pressure just enough with 4.

      • Vance

        Post count: 688

        Stinnie is struggling but he is fighting his butt off.. that is a good thing . He is fighting hard out there. Just play hard Stinnie, I see you.

    • Alldaway 2.0

      Post count: 4687

      Good call.

      Defense wins championships.

      Build the trenches!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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