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    • Buc Bauce

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      FA: Willie Young, Kony Ealy, D. Poe

      1: Harold Landry
      2: Josh Sweat (he was mis used at FSU, often lining up in a frog stance between the guard and tackle. When he rushed from a 2 or 3 point stance outside of the tackle, he put pressure on QB’s.)
      3: Kemoko Turay
      4: Deadrin Sennat

      Too bad we still need to fix the RB’s, secondary and OL…

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    • Pepsi

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      Heres an unorthodox idea..

      1) Trade McCoy for 2nd(and more if possible)
      2) Sign Suh
      3) Draft Payne/Vea round 1
      4) Draft Ejiofor round 2
      5) Draft Nick Chubb round 2
      6) Draft Okoronkwo round 3.

      Dline conists of Spence, Okoronkwo, Payne, Suh, McDonald, Ejiofor, Gholson,

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      • ufcguy32

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        I really like this. I think you are onto something. This regime is incompetent however. Im convinced dude has no balls.

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    • Detrimental

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      Give me Okafor over Willie Young, he is younger and is just as good of a player. Young is a rotational DE while Okafor has had success as a full time starter before. Kony Ealy I’m not a fan of hasn’t been good, literally, anywhere in the NFL.

      Fan of Landry, at 7 that would be a reach but I could stomach the selection. Sweat I think in round 2 is too big of a risk. We need sure fire healthy players with no surrounding question marks. I’d probably go get a RB/G there.

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    • Soul Bro

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      That’s how I see it, too. I think Licht believes the roster is much better that it actually is at the moment. In my view, our defense is far from contending.

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    • idliketoproposeatoast

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      not bad at all, how i’d like to realistically revamp the DL…

      FA Signings:
      Alex Okafor
      Aaron Lynch

      Trade back with Buffalo for their two first rounders, anything else on top of that is icing on the cake…
      21. landry/davenport/key
      22. payne/vea


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    • JC5100

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      Marcus Smith, nobody talking about him.

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