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      SR/MC:  the Bucs just picked up 5 players from the waiver wire.  Two questions:  one of these is a quarterback.  I don’t know the rules, but does this mean we will carry three quarterbacks or can we put the one we got on the practice squad?  Am not sure what this means for the roster and…if anything…does it mean for Mike Glennon?Second, does the fact that almost 10 percent of our roster now comes from the waiver wire cuts, do you or others think this signals a lack of confidence or concern on Lovie's behalf for the roster he had?

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    • Anonymous

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      Good questions.I do not think they are done adding to the roster but yes the lack of depth and special teams was a major concern. Lovie is very involved in improving special teams to not become  liability like it was in 2014.The addition of another QB to the active roster is surprising though.  I too want to see how the PR staff weighs in on this.

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