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    • obuc

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      Much discussion here about signing everyone to keep the team together. The idea of course is that we have Brady for maybe two years. Could be one, could be three, but he is an attraction to veterans who want to come in, play for cheap and get a ring. Once he is gone, Tampa will not nearly be the player magnet it is now. So you strike while the iron is hot with the idea to win one more SB in the next two or three years.

      It really isn’t too hard to get done if you free up some money, underpay this year and overpay in years two and three.

      In my view, as difficult as it is to get back here, you write any contract you need to, create a super team if you can, win one more. When Brady leaves, outside of contract magic, you unload the team with the idea of a rebuild over the following five years.

      To me, its a worthy trade off since the GM seems to be hitting on draft picks. The more iffy strategy is to sign within normal cap constraints and try to win with losing three or more important pieces. it would be more difficult to win a SB but you could remain a playoff team continually competing.

      Do you blow open the salary cap doors in an effort to give your best SB shot right now or continue to manage the team for long term, possibly more consistent playoff level play?

    • Greattimes

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      That is what the New Orleans Saints did. Now those Saints are in salary cap hell.

    • TBChucky

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      I don’t necessarily think we need to mortgage future cap numbers beyond 2022. I think bringing back our key FA guys, and adding another solid draft class we have a legit shot at another run next season. As I mentioned above, I do believe we can use some of our ‘22 cap space to retain who we want. I don’t see them being satisfied with a two year run. I do believe they still want to achieve sustained success for the long haul, and will use the draft and cap space accordingly. The Glazers have seen first hand what blowing up your future can do to an organization. But, to your point, if they get two Super Bowl Championships out of the deal they’d likely deem it worth it.

    • Hockey Duckie

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      New England was able to marry winning championships and the budget. Their talent evaluators were able to supplement enough talent for Brady to maximize.

      Our GM has not “hit” on ever pick, but he has also sacrificed years on his negligence to appropriately fill in starter holes. This combination of drafting for looks and thinking Winston is a franchise QB to not really address the OLine is how we fell into luck with Brady.

      2018 is an important year as we needed a starting RG. With three second round picks, Tampa waited to draft up into the bottom of the 3rd round to draft OT Cappa. It took three years for Cappa to become an average OL, but he had to red-shirt his rookie year. The Bucs could have traded up for Corbett, Hernandez, or Smith as well as could have selected C James Daniels to play OG, which he plays LG today. With Rojo, GM Licht drafted a run only RB for a vertical offense. WTF were you thinking? Then Licht drafted MJ Stewart over Davis?! We’re fortunate to have traded down often to accrue so many picks in 2018 to come out with some hits. Remember, both RB Rojo and RG Cappa has to sit out most of the year because they were not ready!

      Tampa needs to start building for a future with the draft so that it can move on from players to save money. That’s how New England was able to go to the Super Bowl 9 times and win 6 of them.

      If you backload contracts, then we may eventually run into the New Orleans scenario with DT Vea, ILB White, and CB Davis’ contract coming up. Build up that trench so that the incoming QB after Brady is still well protected and we can have an actual run game.

    • seekpar

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      Licht got 5-6 years of on the job training with so-so results. Personally I think he’s getting some help from Arians and others that has improved his winning pct on his picks. Lucky shit got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn his job.

    • TCB2W!

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      @Hockey Duckie

      I want to say that we have players overlooked for the Pro Bowl because of our losing years and rarely on prime time. Yet, Jason Licht has drafted 4 Pro Bowlers, while NE in that span only had a punter go to the Pro Bowl. Seriously, it’s not hard. Just go to wikipedia and sort by team. As just an example, Belichick drafted in 2019 N’Keal Harry, Joejuan Williams, Chase Winovich, Damien Harris, and Yodny Cajuste in the first 3 rounds. 5 picks and yet if you didn’t watch College football you would probably say who are they. Compare that to Devin White, Jamel Dean, SMB, and Mike Edwards.

      Yeah, NE likes to build almost exclusively through the draft, so they are comparatively cheap in comparison to our bank roll. But let’s not like they are masters drafting players. He hoped Stidham would be the next Brady. He was wrong.

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