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    • nybuccguy

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      What a god send this guy has been. When Cappa went down we looked doomed with Ted Larsen playing. Stinnie has resolidified the position and our O line is humming.

      He should be given a legit chance to compete with Cappa for the starting gig next year. Or maybe we can move Cappa to Center, because we will have trouble affording Jensen.

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1802

      Cappa has been a stud this year. He’s back as our starter and Stinnie is a proven backup, which means we don’t have to draft a Guard.

      No to moving guys to different positions. Bring back Jensen and protect the GOAT.

    • Boid Fink

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      Draft the center from Oklahoma. Creed Humphrey (sp).

      • Born A Buc For Life

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        Drafting a Center and moving Jensen to Guard is also an idea I thought of.

    • Detrimental

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      Yeah he is not taking Cappa’s job but at least we know we have a decent backup. Creed Humphries would make Jansen contract easier to move from. Blue chip C prospect and would be cheap.

    • Mic

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      Having depth is good and he’s gonna be cheap

    • xbucsx_4_xevax

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      This dude deserves a ton of credit for what he’s done… the DT from GB Clark was kicking his ass left and right in the first half but he piped down and went to work when we most needed him… it’s amazing what a good QB can do for not only the OL but the entire offense… (not taking a shot at Winston cuz I was one of his biggest supporters)

      Stinnies confidence has to be through the roof with good reason after stepping in and handling his own against very good competition during the playoffs… thank you Licht as per BA, Licht was the one who brought that kid here after seeing something in him..

    • Hockey Duckie

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      Went to PFF and Stinnie is producing slightly better than Cappa with their playoff evaluations.

      Stinnie went undrafted in 2018. Cappa was drafted in the bottom of the 3rd round in 2018. Both are showing up in their third seasons.

      With that said, I still want a better RG and Center combo. We already know how our OLine looks without Mega-Marpet in the lineup. Why not grab another top-end guard/center in the draft?

      I think Cappa and Jensen are the same player. Cappa should shift to center and we can draft a better RG. We were cross-training Cappa at center in 2018.

    • Lord Nemesis

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      Been very pleasantly surprised

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