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      I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but it is very troubling in my eyes. I have not seen one player lay out to tip or defend a pass all year. There were several passes in the Steeler game especially that could have been tipped had the defender just laid out for it. I don’t know if they are scared of getting hurt or what but there is no effort there. They seem to just watch the ball just sail into the reciever’s arms. We need more effort right there, in that aspect of the game.

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      I need to look for it but we have a stunningly low # of passes defenses this year. Our secondary is on pace to set a very dubious record for opponent completion %. The worst season opponent completion % is 2011 IND at 71% who went 2-14 followed by 0-16 DET at 70%. Oddly the next 2 worst years were both IND and DET and both in 2008.  We are allowing 76% completion. Roth hit 73% yesterday and helped our stats. :(

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